Why Such a Bad rap for Cannabutter?

It wasn't the Marijuana's OR the Butter's Fault!

We have all had bad experiences with "Home-Made" Cannabutter, and the Edibles we were trying to make :(

Those days will forever now be known as the "Cannabutter Bad Old Days" thanks to our Creamy, Sweet, and friendly to your taste buds King's Cannabutter.

To be real with you, we couldn't stomach our first couple of batches either, YUCK! But with our continued quest to make a Cannabutter that you can use on your breakfast, lunch, and dinner tables, we believe we have found the Holy Grail of Cannabutter! Not only does it look golden and inviting to the eye, once you spread it on a cracker or some toast, your mouth will not believe what it has just experienced - Cannabutter That DOES NOT taste like the "Cannabutter Bad Old Days" !!!!!!

The Kings Cannabutter Difference is in we call "The Process" (Patent Pending). We have combined the Best-of-the-Best Techniques publicly available, and added a few twists of our own. If you taste ANY other Cannabutter, and then taste The Kings Cannabutter, you will know the difference as soon as our Cannabutter hits your tongue!

Ask your local Dispensary to give you a taste! Not in stock at your local Dispensary? Tell them YOU WANT IT !!!!!