• THC and CBD Infused Butter & More!

What makes our Cannabutter so Good?

It's all in the "The Cannabutter Kings Multi Step Cleansing Process" (Proprietary). We don't want to taste nasty Cannabutter and neither should You!

We take Pride in our ability to remove absolutely as much chemicals and residue as humanly possible - that's why we can say our Cannabutter "Tastes like no other", and we mean that in a GOOD way :)

THC Cooking Oil!

We can offer THC Infused Cooking Oils - Canola, Coconut, Avocado just to name a few. You tell us which cooking oil you prefer, and we will take care of the rest for you!

8-28-2019 UPDATE: CBD Coconut Oil coming SOON!

Why we do what we do:

We love making people's day one Cannabutter King's Leaf at a time........spreading Good Karma One delicious bite at a time :)

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Cannabutter that Tastes Like No Other!

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"Cannabutter that Tastes Like no other"

About Me

Latest Butter Tubs with New Label

Welcome to My Kitchen!

After making my first batch of Cannabutter for baking  Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies, I decided I definitely had to find a better way to make Cannabutter so that the taste and smell of my cookies was more in line with great tasting cookies instead of a mouth full of nasty, pungent cooked cannabis. So I embarked on a mission to do just that. 

Try my Cannabutter Kings Sweet Creamy Unsalted Cannabutter on your next Waffle, Baked Potato, Pop Corn, Bread, or in any savory dish. You will be surprised at how much it tastes like Regular Creamy Unsalted Butter!


Food as Community

Food has a special ability to bring people together. I often find this in my own life and I hope you will find that this online community feels just as welcoming as a real kitchen. For me, cooking together builds the best communities, let's get cooking together!


What makes Cannabutter Kings Cannabutter so much different than other Cannabutters?

Hours and hours of testing and retesting our Cannabutter Kings Creation Process has led to us the Cannabutter Promised Land !! We envision a future where you can go to your favorite local restaurant, order your favorite meal with Cannabutter Kings Butter as an "upgrade" to the "standard butter" offered at your table. Cannabutter Kings THC or CBD infused butter tabs will then be brought to your table. Just like ordering a shot of alcohol, but with the Awesome mind and body healing powers of CBD & THC !

We are all passionate about our environment and the impact we have on it at Cannabutter Kings.

That is why we ONLY use the "Trim" of the Cannabis Plants when making our Cannabutter Kings Cannabutters. What some would simply discard as not enough value to hassle with, WE have found the perfect place for it - IN our Cannabis Butters and Oils. The average Lab Verified THC Content so far (and we are working EVERY Day to nudge that higher and higher) is 10.07 mg/g THC.

That makes our 6 gram "Leaf" =  approx 60 mg THC total.

1 pound will have approx. 4,520 mg THC

1/2 pound will have approx. 2,226 mg THC

Custom THC Levels available by Request by Cannabutter Amount Required :)

So why not let 3 of our Cannabutter Leaf's melt in your Baked Potato or on ANY Vegetable  that you have on your plate!!!

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Cannabutter Kings

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